Saturday, 17 August 2013

ArtEverywhere - Stanley Spencer's Neighbours

Stanley Spencer, Domestic Scenes: Neighbours 1936 , Oil on canvas 76 by 51 cm
I am a big fan of Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) the visionary, multi faceted  English artist , so much so I help out as a volunteer or custodian as we are called at his eponymous Gallery in Cookham, Berkshire, England.

Spencer’s popularity has increased in recent years reflected in the fact, his Neighbours 1936 was voted one of Britain’s favourite works of art  in the Art Everywhere project.

So the public and I had the chance to see Neighours on billboards all over the country.

I was lucky enough to find Neighbours twice on a trip into London last night:

In the Tunnel connection Charring Cross Tube Station to its Railway Station

At the end of the platform of Euston Square Tube Station

ArtEverywhere is a brilliant idea - putting great works of art voted for by the public on billboards all over the country. The 50 works which made the short list  range from the abstract of Bridget Riley's Blaze 4 to the historical figurative of John William Waterhouse's The Lady of Shallot , demonstrating how popular Art is in general and Spencer in particular. 

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