Thursday, 6 August 2009


I’ve always toyed with the idea of updating Barr’s famous cover for the 1936 CUBISM AND ABSTRACT ART exhibition at MOMA, in New York.

I’ve already written about Barr's use of symbols - making the least possible change to make a point or have impact in his chart see here for the post.

The current essay on Conceptual Art following the last one on Minimalism and Pop Art was an opportunity to combine the Art History behind the two essays via a version of Barr’s chart back MODERNISM and POSTMODERNISM. In my version I wanted to trace all these practises back to Duchamp - the Father of Postmodernism. You can see my attempt here: MODERNISM and POSTMODERNISM with respect to BARR.

It's high level and misses a number of practices and I do play a little free with the exact times, maybe I’ve been too cavalier, too high level?….all feed back/comments welcome.

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