Sunday, 5 July 2009

20th Century Art ? It's about bridging gaps.....isn't it?

It occurred to while reading that Warhol might be seen as 'bridg[ing] the gap between art and production' (Wood, 2004 ) much of what I’ve studied so far might also be seen as bridging gaps:
  • Duchamp the gap between art and non-art
  • Surrealism the gap between reality and unreality
  • Pollock gap between the easel and mural
  • Minimalist the gap between painting and sculpture
  • Pop art the gap between avant-garde and kitsch
  • DaDa the gap between artist and non-artist
May be even..

Picasso the gap between realism and abstraction.

That is a bit far fetched but it is the basis of in an interesting essay.......

On the other hand the concept does seem a useful starting pointing trying to understand and position the artist or the movement. Equally it could be basis for some new art forms how about…….

the gap between to the performance and painting
the gap between minimalist art and conceptual art
the gap between body art and land art (!)

Wood, P ed., (2004) Varieties of Modernisms , New Haven and London, Yale University Press


  1. Rory Macbeth - the postmodern performance artist..PROBES A GAP...

    Rory Macbeth's practice probes the gap between ideals and their realisation, between what is presented to us and what we actually get. It is the effort to uphold the ideal in the face of reality that Macbeth is interested in; in the tragicomedy of the pretence that ensues.

    For more see...

  2. Robert Rauschenberg on THE GAP 'famously' said 'I try to act in that GAP between [art and life]'

    pg 34
    Gaiger, J. (2003) 'Frameworks for Modern Art' Milton Keynes, Open University