Sunday, 31 May 2009

JacksonPollock an Understanding ?

--> Yesterday’s tutorial was truly memorable – I now understand Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)…didn’t say I liked him but now I understand him. And further I now don’t feel odd when I see figures resolving and unresloving when I look at a typical Jackson Pollock – that’s the intended aesthetic effect..

Cubism has its lines creating faceted planes, Pollock has his curves creating fictive figuration. Rectilinear meets curvilinear. Architectonic meets Biomorphic. The Apollonian meets The Dionysian. Picassoism* meets Pollockism *(Picasso the Cubist!).

We can track his influences and see the outcomes as Pollock moved from formal figurative to fully abstract figuration.

Formal Figurative
Influences: Cubism, Mexican Muralist,
Pollock oeuvre : Naked Man with Knife; Jackson Pollock drawings,
Prof Harrison* quote: transparent and graspable

Fully Abstract Figuration
Influences ,alcohol, psychoanalysis, Surrealism, automatism, Jung, Guernica
Pollock oeuvre :Mural , 1943, Autumn Rhythm Number 30, Eyes in the Heat
Prof Harrison* quote: vestigial modelling

So he created an alternative to Cubism based on formal figurative art ...if he'd lived he could have developed an whole new school....

*see pages 177 to 143
Wood, P. (ed), (2004) Varieties of Moderism, New Haven and London, Yale University Press

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