Saturday, 11 April 2009

Modern Art - Classical or Romantic ?

Alfred H. Barr MOMA's curator whose 1936 Development of Abstract Art cover for his ground breaking catalog set the scene for Modern Art. In his introduction he described two types of abstract art - GEOMETRICAL and NON-GEOMETRICAL and to each he associated a number of attributes, philosophies and artists. I want to build on what he offerred in these two choices creating logical oppisities based on the Apollinan versus the here goes

Apollo Dionysus

Intellectual Intuitive
Logical Emotional
Structural Organic
Classical Romantic
Reason Emotion
Harmony Discord
Fact Idea

Descartes Rousseau
Pythagoras Polinius
Descartes Rousseau

Other Ideas
Rectilinear Curvilinear
Line Curve
Architectonic Biomorphic
Structural Decorative
Design Colour

Cubism Expressionism
Modern Post-Modern
Materialism Idealism

Cezanne Gauguin
Malevich Kandinsky
Mondrian Miro

English Abstraction
Ben Nicholoson Henry Moore

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